The tools

Here are the basic tools for a good start
gouge à profiler bedane
(1) 10 mm Spindle Gouge  (4) 10 mm Bedan 
gouge à creuser tronquoir
(2) 9 mm Bowl Gouge (5) 5 mm Parting Tool 
gouge à dégrossir plane-ovale
(3) 19 mm Roughing Gouge  (6) 19 mm Round nose Scraper 
View a video on the use of the  spindle gouge by a professional
  Brian Clifford    -1-   -2-

I bought the  spindle gouge and bedan (1 & 4) with handles.

I bought the rest of the tools without handles and I turned them.

Some homemade tools & accessories
Click on the pictures for details
Hollowing tools Chainsaw Sawing rest
to saw safely
Outside caliper Steady rest

The Longworth Chuck

Hollowing tool
Tampon maison
pour ponçage 
Gabarit "lyle jamieson"
avec Guidage Laser
pour creusage profond