The Lathe

I have a Delta Fox F46-717 lathe with a 750W motor (1HP)

with a variable belt and pulley speed transmission

10 speeds 500 - 2000 rpm


and  swivelling head

for large pieces.



with a Vicmac 100 chuck 

The main problem of this lathe is the lack of precision in the alignment of the headstock and the tailstock and the locking mechanism of the head which has an annoying tendency to loosen because of vibrations, otherwise it is a good lathe to begin woodturning.
untimely loosening
Against untimely loosening I pulled a rubber band between the handle and a nail held by the housing screw, problem solved.
Misalignment of the heads of lathe

The lack of precision of alignment is due to two causes, the bolt indexing the head [1] and the mechanical play between the headstock and the bed [2].


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I replaced the shank of the original bolt [ 3 ] by another [ 4 ] slightly tapered, this ensures perfect centering.
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To reduce the play between headstock and bed, I drilled and threaded a hole in the guide [5] so I was able to screw an L-shaped piece of iron seen at the top and bottom on photograph [6].  Motion is now snug and without play.
Vibrations & Stability 
Some sand bags to increase the stability & the absorption of the vibrations.
Creusage et gêne du banc
Pivotement de la tête & décalage de la lunette ainsi que le porte outils, ceci évite la gêne occasionné par le banc du tour lors du creusage.
Une tige filetée du sol au porte outils limite les vibrations.